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Chinese working holiday visas filled in minutes said Australian Immigration Minister September 24, 2015
Chinese visas for working holiday filled in minutes says Australian Immigration Minister

Australian Immigration and Border Protection Minister Peter Dutton made an announcement regarding the first portion of Work and Holiday visas for the young Chinese population. According to him the applications were filled in minutes after being made available. And there are 1500 visas available now under the new agreem...

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US Congress is set in making H1-B visas costs less for India September 24, 2015
US Congress is all set to make H1-B visas costs less for India

Congress is all to slash the H1-B visa fee that is mostly paid by the service providers of IT which are based in India. The H1-B critics are wondering as the move being met. But it’s a sign of relief for the offshore industry of India.The fee was adopted in the year 2010, when Democrats came into power, it was sought...

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Australia to make changes in its Visa Service Arrangements in New Zealand September 24, 2015
Changes to Service Arrangements for Application to Australian visa in New Zealand

Number of changes to service arrangements in New Zealand for applications to the Australian visa has been done with effect from next week. Visa applicants who apply from New Zealand should understand these changes as they are important when applying for visa application while entering Australia.From the 29th September,...

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Less number of Indians got Green Card through EB-5 when compared to Chinese nationals September 23, 2015
Less Indians got the Green Cards through EB-5 programs compared to Chinese nationals

Some portions of this EB-5 program for the foreigners who get Green Cards through this visa in exchange of investing money in the US projects are going to get expired on the 30th of September. And the critics are arguing of some of the provisions should just be let off.Initially, the Congress implemented this EB-5 pr...

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Obama finding out ways to increased foreign workers for US technology companies September 23, 2015
US President finding out ways to get increased foreign workers to US technology companies

In another step of providing American benefits to the overseas workers, President Obama and its administration has started reinterpreting the existing laws of immigration, with its main aim to shaft out more cheap overseas labour to the US technological companies. As these companies have worked hard to get the favor.Th...

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Malcolm Turnbull holds line on China's Free Trade Agreement deal September 23, 2015
Malcom Turnbull holds the line on deal for China's FTA

The newly elected Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will turn down the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s request of negotiations on safeguarding the rights of foreign workers on the China’s FTA deal.Trade Minister Andrew Robb also insists that the agreement is providing all the necessary protections on the ...

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Thailand to introduce six months Tourist visa with Multiple Entry September 23, 2015
Thai immigration to introduce Tourist visa with Multiple Entry valid for six months

Foreign Affairs ministry in Thailand has announced officially that they are going to offer tourist visa with multiple entry (METV) which would be valid for six months from 13th November.Thailand has decided to grant visas with multiple- entry to the visitors, facilitating the community from ASEAN countries who approach...

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US immigration is back to its pre recession levels with Asians in the lead September 22, 2015
With Asians on the lead as US immigration levels back to its pre recession levels

The US immigration rates is back to its levels of pre recession period and the foreign born percentage is now at its highest levels.But the new face of immigration is considerably different than that of a decade ago, when the inflows came from Central America and Mexico. But now Asians has largely outnumbered the total...

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