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Canada government favours temporary immigration than permanent September 02, 2015
Canada government favours temporary immigration than permanent as per report

A report that released on Tuesday says that Canada is a country favours more of temporary residents than the permanent residents. From the past nine years, it becomes very tough to obtain Canadian citizenship under the immigration rules introduced by the Stephen Harper government.Harsha Walia, who co-authored the repor...

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Australia DIBP canceled illegal student visas September 02, 2015
Australia department of immigration and border protection canceled illegal student visas

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) authorities has cancelled 10,949 illegal student visas in the year that ends with June, which is an increase compared to 8018 visa from the same duration of last year.These new figures are released when the government is in the final touch to strea...

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Indonesia offers visa free travel to 47 countries September 02, 2015
Indonesia visa free travel list joins 47 more countries

Rizal Ramli, coordinating minister of maritime affairs has on Tuesday announced a visa free entry for the citizens of 47 countries to travel in Indonesia by October. With the announcement, countries to avail the visa free entry to travel in Indonesia are 92 countries.He said that the previous extension of free visa t...

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UK will become most populous country in Europe by 2050 due to immigration September 01, 2015
UK to become most populous country in Europe by 2050 due to immigration

United Kingdom is all set to surpass Germany, as the nation’s population will increase to 75 million by 2050. These figures are going to be much higher when compared to the other European countries, according to Eurostat predictions.The increase in the Immigration levels will be the main reason behind the UK’s popu...

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New Zealand new immigration policy may not boost the regions September 01, 2015
New Zealand recent immigration policies are doubtful to boost the regions

The economic advisor of New Zealand government feels that the new immigration policy would not help anything to attract migrants into the regions.Under the new rules, the skilled migrants who want to go for a job or establish their own businesses need to have their points for residency requests approval.On 26th July ...

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Saudi Arabia's approval to Temporary and Seasonal visas September 01, 2015
Saudi Arabia announces seasonal work visa for the whole year

In a cabinet meeting on Monday, Saudi Arabian government gave a green signal to temporary and seasonal work visas with new regulations and to grant the work visa during any period of the whole year.The decision was taken after analyzing the report that was proposed to the Council of Ministers by the Ministry of Labor. ...

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Indo-US business group asks for an increase in H-1B visa quota August 31, 2015
Indo-US Business Group Asks For An Increase In H-1B Visa Quota

An Indo –US Business Group has urged for the annual increase in the number of work visas that are issued to the overseas technology professionals. They also said that restricting the H –1B visas to a limit would put an adverse effect on the competitiveness of US companies worldwide.Mukesh Aghi, President of US-...

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Indian embassy organizes visa camp for Indian American community in US August 31, 2015
Indian embassy organizes visa camp for Indian American community in US

On August 29, the Indian embassy of USA had organized a visa camp to interact and address all the visa related concerns of Indian Americans at Baltimore area, with an objective to provide easy and efficient consular services to the Indian community.Overall 150 applications related to visa, Overseas Citizens of India (O...

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