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Majority of Britain people wanted to move abroad August 10, 2015
Majority Britain residents wanted to move abroad

According to the new conducted by the de Vere group, around two third of the British people who are under 40 years of age consider quitting united kingdom and find a new life in foreign country.About 65 percent of those who participated in the poll said they were seriously considering moving overseas. And also that 22 ...

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Immigration decline fears Australia economic growth August 10, 2015
Lower immigration could stunt Australia economic growth

The International travel figures that were released at during the same time of reserve bank of Australia quarterly report shows that the potential economy growth rate has been lessened due the slow pace of population growth.As the figures shows that a total of 45,060 travelers have arrived for a long term or the perm...

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New Zealand becomes most popular among foreigners August 10, 2015
Statistics shows New Zealand is popular among the foreigners

New Zealand is becoming more popular among the tourists coming to the country. Especially with the people from countries of the US and China, according to the figures provided by Statistics New Zealand.According to the estimates New Zealand received 177,000 visitors in the month of June, which is about 9 percent incr...

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UK Tier 2 visa application can fill through online August 08, 2015
UK tier 2 visa application can make through online

The United Kingdom home office had announced a rollout of full online facility for Tier 2 visa application within the next few weeks for the migrants and their dependents. At present, Tier 2 visa applications for migrants can only apply through postal service.The new online facility will be rolled out for the tier 2 vi...

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India e tourist visa extends to 36 more countries August 08, 2015
India e-tourist visa facility announced for 36 more countries

The Indian government on Friday had announced an extension of e-tourist visa for 36 more countries and also included seven more airports that are designated in the list of airports to receive an entry on e-tourist visa.The new announcement will be effective from August 15, 2015, for the foreign nationals belong to th...

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Canada Express Entry 14th draw announced 1,402 invitations August 08, 2015
Express entry 14th draw invited 1,402 applicants for permanent residence

On August 7, 2015, Canada Minister of citizenship and immigration has announced the invitations underexpress entry system in its 14th draw for the applicants in pursuant to the permanent residence in Canada.Express entry 14th draw issued 1,402 applicants based on the assigned score of a total 471 score or more through ...

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Majority H-1B visa employers says no to raise the cap August 07, 2015
H-1B visa cap Increase is not favored by majority employers

On the issue of raising the cap on H-1B visas, there has been some support among the employers to allow more foreign workers to get temporary employment in the United States. However, the majority of employers are remained oppose to issue more H-1B visas.About 27 percent of the employers are in the support to increase ...

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US tighten security measures on visa waiver countries August 07, 2015
US announces security measures on visa waiver countries

The US government on Thursday has announced tightened security measures for the visitors from the list of 38 countries in the US visa waiver program including the European nations which have seen the number of its nationals travelling across to fight for the militant groups in Iraq and Syria.The new measures would mand...

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