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Indian firms dominate in the use of H-1B visa July 31, 2015
Indian firms dominate H-1B use, despite the visa lottery

According to new data, Indian outsourcing firms are the largest users of H-1B visas approvals in computer related jobs, appears to be unperturbed by the odds created with visa lottery.Except the few technological firms—such as Google, Microsoft, Oracle and Amazon that is located in the USA. The top 25 firms issuing...

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Canada china transit program expands to five Chinese cities July 31, 2015
Canada's CIC expanded China transit program to five Chinese cities

Canada’s citizenship and immigration has announced to add new Chinese cities in the China transit program that allows the eligible Chinese travelers transit with free Visa through Canada international airports in their en route to and from the USA.The new five departure cities of China that are going to add in the pr...

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Iran visa exemptions to some countries July 31, 2015
Iran exempts visa to boost tourism

To boost the tourism, Iran announced visa exemptions to Egypt from all visa requirements. The new visa exemptions also includes the travelers with Syrian, Turkish, Lebanese, Georgian, Bolivian and Azerbaijani passports aimed to increase inflow into the country.The new visa exemptions would allow Egyptians and other nat...

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India e tourist visa for Chinese July 31, 2015
PM Narendra Modi unveils e tourist visa for Chinese

On Thursday, July 30, 2015, India launches e-tourist visa for the first time to the Chinese nationals, with PM Narendra Modi commenting that the move will deepen the connectivity between the countries.From July 30 onwards, Chinese citizens will be able to come at nine Indian airports after they have applied for e-touri...

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The United Kingdom work visas rises but study extensions down July 30, 2015
UK grant of work visas rises, but study visa extensions dips

Following the UK’s home office crackdown on student visa extensions in the recent times, the number of non-European students who come to the study and work in the UK decreases one-third of total in 2014.Study related visa extensions have decreased by more than a quarter for a year that ended by March 2015, bu...

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Taiwan"s push to attract entrepreneur visa July 30, 2015
Taiwan entrepreneur visa to attract foreign nationals

As part of the government plans to make Taiwan a place for innovative entrepreneurship in the region of Asia Pacific, Taiwan will start accepting entrepreneur visa applications from the foreign nationals on 31 July 2015 onwards, announced ministry of foreign affairs on Tuesday.Foreign nationals can apply for Taiwan ent...

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Austria new visa rules for china, India, and Indonesia July 30, 2015
Austria new visa rules for emerging Asian countries

Austria government decided to introduce liberalized visa regime, to issue business visas for the foreign nationals to come Austria with effective from 1st August 2015.The new visa regime will apply to the foreign nationals of china, India, and Indonesia during the initial trail phase. To this effect, an MOU was signed ...

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Australia helps desks at airport for international students July 30, 2015
Australia helps desks at airport for international students

Around thousands of students arrive in Australia every year, arriving at the new country for the first time makes a student nervous and baffling. So, to aid the students coming to the country, Australia now introduces help desks at the airports.With the new international student help desk at Sydney airport, the arrival...

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