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UK firms awaits new visa scheme for importing non EU citizens with IT skills October 19, 2015
Companies in the UK awaits new visa scheme to bring non EU citizens with IT skills

Many firms are wishing that the immigration policy shall be relaxed so as to recruit the skilled IT workers more easily from outside the EU.A surprise announcement was made on Friday by the government saying that the new visa scheme for the digital companies will be offering four new ways for importing the IT skilled n...

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Britain welcomes Chinese tourists, investors and students October 19, 2015
Britain wants more Chinese tourists, investors and students

In an increasing effort to motivate the Chinese investment and trade in the UK, the country is welcoming the tourists and students from China. According to a senior official.British Trade and Investment Minister, Lord Francis Maude, said that the UK has attracted much investment from the businessmen from China than any...

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UK is planning to introduce tougher English test for foreign students October 19, 2015
UK plans the introduction of tougher English test for foreign students

With the introduction of tougher English tests for non-EU students which is planned by the UK government, will affect many Indian students who look at the UK as the destination for the higher studies. With this new move by the UK government, it is likely that there will be further decrease in the number of Indian stu...

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Students seeking foreign education often hit by economic crisis October 19, 2015
Students who seeks overseas education often hit by economic crisis

Apart from the traditional destinations like US, UK, Canada, Australia and Ireland, around 17% of the students are showing interest in pursuing education in Argentina for Spanish Language, South Africa with 15%, Malta with 17% and New Zealand with 14%. According to an agency report.According to the report, English and ...

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US daily has raised $15,000 to carry out stories on H-1B workers October 19, 2015
US daily has raised $15,000 to carry out stories on H-1B workers

For the prospective immigrants who seek and the companies who always look out to get benefited from the loosening of rules for this H-1B visa, a US daily had taken a strange step by increasing the USD 15,000 for carrying out the comprehensive multimedia project that reports on the H-1B visas.San Francisco Chronicle s...

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Opportunity for teachers who wish to settle in Australia October 19, 2015
Visa schemes has not succeeded in easing shortage of teachers

Australia’s Victorian state government scheme for visa nomination that is designed for easing the acute shortages of science, maths, physics, special education and language teachers has resulted in eight applications in the previous year. According to the statistics from the Economic Development Department.This s...

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Immigration skills levy to be introduced by the UK government October 17, 2015
Immigration skills charges will be introduced by the UK government

The government of UK said that they had concerns about the shortage of skilled workers in the UK, but on the other hand their policies are making the situation worse as it is getting more difficult for employing the high skilled citizens from outside of the EU. The new charges that are being levied by the government fo...

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US DV Lottery offering employees optional path for immigration October 17, 2015
US DV Lottery offers optional immigration path for employees

The US state department opened the registrations of theDiversity Visa Lottery for the year 2017 on 1st October and it will be closing on 3rd November 2015. This program will allow the individuals from the nations with less immigration rates to the US for obtaining the legal permanent residency or US green card. There...

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