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Pact on exemption of categories of Indian from immigration checking by India and US September 15, 2015
India, US works on pact exempting immigration checks for certain Indian categories

Both countries are working on a deal that will allow exempting a category of Indians from immigration checking in the US. Some of those are like Prime Minister, former Presidents, higher dignitaries, industrialists and few film stars.A meeting was held recently by the top officials from immigration department of both t...

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Legal and cultural obstacles are making hiring of foreign students a challenge in St.Louis September 14, 2015
Hiring of foreign students a challenge amid legal and cultural obstacles in St.Louis

Hiring of international students from might help in growth of many companies in St. Louis, but there are many legal and hurdles coming in their way.That’s according to the latest report from the researchers at St. Louis Mosaic Project and the University of Missouri-St. Louis (USML) , organizations that are aiming to ...

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Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand press on UK for keeping OE channels open September 14, 2015
CA ANZ press on UK to keep its OE channels open

Pressure could increase to lock out many New Zealanders from the traditional ‘OE’ in the UK as it is jostling to control a huge number of immigrants.UK’s prime Minister strived to curb the legal migrants from 3, 30,000 to 1,00,000 which can close the gates for professional migrants from New Zealand and Australia....

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Needed wealthy immigrants to put 10% capital into growing investments - Icehouse September 14, 2015
Wealthy immigrants are required to put 10% capital into growing investments - Icehouse

According to a business group wealthy immigrants are required for investing in startups.Andrew Hamilton, chief executive of business growth hub The Icehouse said that they are proposing a minimum 10% of capital from wealthy immigrants to be place into investments meant for growth like venture capital, angel investment ...

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Microsoft announces workers lay off simultaneously calls for increased H1- B visas September 12, 2015
Microsoft announced workers lay off simultaneously calls for increased H1 - B visas

Microsoft Corporation announced in July that it would dismiss 7,800 workers all around the world. The dismissal amount is 7 percent of the company’s worldwide workforce. It is taking the heat; the reason is that its decision of dismissing came at the time when the company is simultaneously asking for the increase n...

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EB - 5 visa program is at risk for fraud says GAO September 12, 2015
EB -5 visa job program is at risk for fraud says GAO

In a latest report by the US GAO (Government Accountability Office), founds EB -5 Visa program is always at the risk for a fraud and the economical benefits that is supposed to be created is not being provided.The EB-5 program that allows foreign nationals to get green cards with the condition of investing at least $...

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Boris Johnson battles sharp decline in Indian students at UK universities September 12, 2015
Boris Johnson battles sharp fall in Indian students at UK universities

In an attempt of reversing the drop rate of Indian students who enrolls at UK universities, Boris Johnson is seeking to influence his brother, who is also the higher education minister on this issue for new visa support which will enable the Commonwealth students to settle down and work in the UK after their degrees ...

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Australia announced additional measures to help work visa holders September 12, 2015
Additional measures announced by Australian government to help work visa holders

The government of Australia announced additional steps in helping and protecting workers, Providing more resources and information to the visa holders so that they can easily understand the rights of their work place.Steps are being taken to improve the visa granting notices related to different temporary visas, by upd...

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