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US firm reveals opportunities of investment in US, Canada, Berbuda and Antigua September 19, 2015
US company unveils the investment opportunities in Antigua, Berbuda, Canada and US

A US based business Immigration Company in Lagos; JTF Lawyers said that they will be receiving applications continuously for their Programme of Quebec Immigration Investor till next year January.The Immigration Ministry of Canada, Diversity and Inclusion (MIDI) have already fixed the deadline for submitting the program...

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Hong Kong doubles the working visa quota for Irish nationals September 19, 2015
Hong Kong doubles the quota of working visa for Irish people

The government of Hong Kong has agreed and decided to double the number of work visas for the citizens of Ireland from next year on wards.With this announcement, a total number of eligible people for the scheme of working holiday of Hong Kong and Ireland will increase to 200 from March next year.This joint measure is t...

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CIC conducts Express Entry 17th Draw to invite applications for Canadian PR September 19, 2015
Canada's Express Entry System 17th draw announced by CIC

Express entry 17th draw has been conducted by Citizenship and Immigration of Canada (CIC) on 18th September 2015, issuing the invitation of 1545 to the applicants who can apply for Canada’s permanent residency. Under Canada’s Express Entry System 17th Draw, the total number of invitations that are announced is 1545...

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Crisis of NHS staffing gets worse with the problems of UK's Tier 2 visa September 18, 2015
Problems with UK's Tier 2 visa making crisis of NHS staffing worse

The Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is currently facing crisis of staffing as the UK immigration department is not allowing them from recruiting more nurses from the Philippines.The UK’s Home Office already refused to issue more sponsorship certificates (COS), which is also a requirement that will enable NHS...

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Massachusetts's Global entrepreneur program gets boost from a bank deal September 18, 2015
Massachusetts's Global entrepreneur program get boosted by a bank deal

This program gets boosted from Silicon Valley Bank as it gives the foreign students of Massachusetts colleges and universities an option of living in the Bay State for building their businesses.This program is called “Global Entrepreneur in Residence Program” which is administered by the collaboration of Massachuse...

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Leading Chinese firms partners for EB-5 investment visa program September 18, 2015
Chinese firms form partnership to promote EB-5 property investment visa program

Two leading Chinese firms has got into a partnership for promoting EB-5 investment visa program.The companies will be engaged in doing the marketing of the projects related to real estate development, which got approval for the participating in the EB-5 program and examined by the Consulting group. Almost 90% of the ap...

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New Zealand ask for more information on its deported citizens from Australia September 18, 2015
New Zealand seek more information of its citizens being deported from Australia

Citizens of New Zealand are facing deportation and visa cancellations after being held in Australian detention centres.Any citizen who is facing a sentence for 12 months and anyone who is found without the Australian citizenship could be deported no matter if he/she is living for a longer period of time. As the Austral...

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UK immigration cancels more licenses for Tier 2 visa sponsorship September 16, 2015
 UK immigration suspends more licenses for sponsorship of Tier 2 visa

The UK immigration is suspending the license for Tier 2 visa sponsorship of many companies as they find non compliance in the license requirements for Tier 2 sponsorships.Companies working with the license for Tier 2 sponsorships have many responsibilities to stick to a base and the authorities come up with the increas...

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