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Immigration is the biggest concern for Europeans August 03, 2015
EU shows immigration has become the biggest concern

According to the poll conducted within the member countries of European Union during the month of May, the European citizens have responded that immigration has been the biggest concern even more than employment and economic issues.In November 2014, during when the previous poll held showed economic situation, unemploy...

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Singapore government to review immigration situation August 03, 2015
Singapore government to review the immigration

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said the move to curb immigration and foreign workers coming to Singapore is notto be populist just that government decided, but are due to real problems that affect Singapore society and the needs to address them accordingly.Besides that how the foreign workers are affecting ...

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UK immigration bill to ensure fluent English speaking for all employees August 03, 2015
UK to enforce mandatory English-speaking requirement to all immigrants

Cabinet minister Matt Hancock confirming the move on Sunday said that a legislation to be introduced that every worker in the public sector organizations performing a role that interacts with the public should speak English fluently.He said the legislation is going to be introduced at the beginning of next month making...

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Chinese nationals get permanent residence through EB-5 investor visa August 01, 2015
EB-5 investor visa proves very popular among rich Chinese investors

The quickly growing EB-5 investor visa program that grants the green card to the foreign investors is becoming very popular among the Chinese, who wanted to get citizenship in the United States.The EB-5 program sets the path to get permanent residence in the United States to those foreign investors who invest at leas...

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Kenya discontinues visa on arrival August 01, 2015
Kenya puts an end to visa on arrival

Starting from September 1, travelers that are going to Kenya will not be able to purchase a visa on arrival upon entering to Kenya, instead they need to apply and make payment for their visa fees through online.This online visa facility is only available for one time entry tourist visa and the transit visa.The depart...

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Australian minister agrees to extension of business visa card August 01, 2015
Australian minister agrees to business visa card extension

A business travel card that allows the person with a multiple entry visa for short time stay in Australia and other Pacific countries has extended from three years to five years.The APEC business travel card (ABTC) was originally introduced by APEC countries in 1997 offers multiple entry short stay visa to the particip...

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Indian firms dominate in the use of H-1B visa July 31, 2015
Indian firms dominate H-1B use, despite the visa lottery

According to new data, Indian outsourcing firms are the largest users of H-1B visas approvals in computer related jobs, appears to be unperturbed by the odds created with visa lottery.Except the few technological firms—such as Google, Microsoft, Oracle and Amazon that is located in the USA. The top 25 firms issuing...

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Canada china transit program expands to five Chinese cities July 31, 2015
Canada's CIC expanded China transit program to five Chinese cities

Canada’s citizenship and immigration has announced to add new Chinese cities in the China transit program that allows the eligible Chinese travelers transit with free Visa through Canada international airports in their en route to and from the USA.The new five departure cities of China that are going to add in the pr...

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