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US Federal government received comments on new rule for STEM students October 27, 2015
Comments on new STEM student rule is flooding the federal inbox

Merely after a week of the federal government’s proposal for expanding the time for overseas STEM students to work in the US on the student visa they had received almost 3000 comments that are supporting the proposed changes by Obama Administration. In the new set of rules, the US seek changes to the OPT program.The ...

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India stood third in terms of biggest student market in London October 27, 2015
India is the third biggest market for students in London

According to the recent report, India is behind China and the US in terms of largest overseas student market in London.Foreign students who are pursuing education at the universities of London previous year provided around 3 billion pounds enhancement to the economy of the UK and also help supporting almost 37,000 jobs...

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Asia Pacific travelers are now world's leading in terms of leisure travel October 27, 2015
Travelers from Asia-Pacific region are leading in terms of leisure travel

The passport pages of the travelers from the Asia-Pacific countries are filling up at a quick rate than their other counterparts and they are now leading in the whole world in terms of leisure travel.The recent study report reveals that the travelers from the Asia-Pacific countries had taken many leisure trips in the p...

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UK's New Tech visa Scheme will support Northern Powerhouse October 27, 2015
UK's New Tech visa Scheme will support Northern Powerhouse

UK’s Government body Tech City UK had made many changes to their visa scheme for top technology talent including the measures taken for enabling the team hiring and supporting the Northern Powerhouse.Northern Powerhouse is the proposal made by the Coalition and the Conservative government in the UK for boosting the...

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Australia's DIBP received freedom of information requests in large numbers October 27, 2015
Australia's Immigration Department bear impact of flood of FOI requests

The minister’s offices and the federal bureaucracy had been bombarded with as many as 35,550 FOI (Freedom of Information Requests) in the previous year, and the Australia’s DIBP has received over half.According to the annual report from the Australian Information Commissioner’s Office, the FOI requests number...

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L-1 visas will impact IT companies in India until corrective measures taken October 26, 2015
L-1B visa will effect IT companies of India unless corrective measures are taken

It has been seen a spurt in the grant of L-1B visas which is meant for the professionals with the specialized knowledge, and in it will put an adverse effect on the IT companies of India unless the corrective measures are taken.According to the Managing Director of the Law Group, in these recent times getting the L-1B ...

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Representatives from top universities to be present at Doha's Global Education Fair October 26, 2015
Top universities for the Doha's Global Education Fair

Over 50 representatives of the various universities, government organizations and the higher education institutions from all over the world will be present in Qatar for the Global Education Fair which is opening in Doha from Tuesday.The Sheraton Doha will host this two-day event, which will be aiming to provide...

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UK extends visitor visas to two years for Chinese citizens October 26, 2015
UK will be extending visitor visas to two years for China

The UK government will be extending the multiple entry visas for the visitors from China to the period of two years from currently six months.According to the news agency report, the fee for application of the visitor is around USD130. It is also looking for extension of the visa to 10 year period in the coming futur...

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