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US STEM graduates may get work permits extensions October 29, 2015
STEM graduates may get extensions of their work permits

Previous week the Homeland Security Department had proposed the expansion of OPT program for the college students who are in the US on the non immigrant F-1 visa.The OPT program allows the college students to work in their study field in the US for a year initially, after which the STEM students can apply for extension...

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UK Home Secretary plans to make universities ensure no student overstayers October 29, 2015
UK Home Secretary plans to make universities ensure foreign students leave UK

Theresa May, UK Home Secretary is planning for making the universities ensure that their foreign graduates leave the country once their courses are completed.The Home Office is planning to use the information from recent checks on those students who exists in the country, which were previously introduced at UK ports an...

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There has been increase in demand for European Golden Visa October 29, 2015
There has been rise in demand for European Golden Visa

More than 50 countries across the world grant residence permits that are based on investments, and many of them usually offer options for investment in property.The countries who are offering the popular programs for the Golden Visa and similar other investment schemes related to immigration are the US, UK, Hungary, Po...

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Schengen countries introduced new process for visa application October 29, 2015
Countries under Schengen region introduced new process for visa application

The European Schengen countries are set to launch the new system for providing visa information (VIS) to some of the Asian countries from 2nd November as the part of its international introduction. According to the EU press report.According to the report, the VIS has already been functioning in around 17 out of 23 coun...

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Top searched educational institutions by foreign students October 29, 2015
Most searched universities by foreign students

Universities of countries like US, UK, Canada and Australia are the most top searched by foreign students from across the world.Those days are gone when a student who wants to find out information about the universities would rather go on a trip to University campus and get the copy of the prospectus. All the informati...

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USCIS held teleconference on filing annual Form I-924A for EB-5 regional centers October 28, 2015
USCIS held teleconference on filing annual Form I-924A for EB-5 regional centers

USCIS recently held a teleconference as part of the series for providing information on EB-5. It was mainly concerned on the time of filing the form I-924A that should be filed yearly for demonstrating the eligibility for the designation as the regional center.USCIS also indicated that the regional centers can file the...

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CIC introduced new system for work permit applications under LMIA exemption October 28, 2015
CIC introduced changes to the work permit applications under LMIA exemption

Canadian Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) have introduced the new system for the applications of work permit which are employer specific under the Impact Assessment of Labour Market (LMIA) exemption which also includes NAFTA and the overseas mobility applications.This latest electronic system further clarifies and com...

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France to issue Biometric Long term visas to Indians October 28, 2015
France to issue Biometric long term visas from 2nd November

In facilitating easy travel throughout the Europe including the Schengen region and assisting in issuing visas for long term, France will issuing the biometric visas to the citizen of India from 2nd November 2015.According to the inputs from the French Consulate, the Embassy of France in India will be granting many or ...

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