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Immigration crackdown would hurt technology startups of the UK October 28, 2015
Immigration crackdown will hurt technology startups of the UK

UK government’s migration advisory committee (MAC) is consulting on the ways for tightening the rules of the entrepreneur visa, it is the visa which allows foreign citizens to visit UK for starting their business and Tier 2 skilled work visas that are used by many technology start-up firms for bringing the IT and eng...

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British Council in UAE set to host Education UK Exhibitions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai October 28, 2015
British Council in UAE to host Edukex in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

The British Council in UAE, which is the UK’s overseas organization for education opportunities and cultural relations, will be hosting the 14th Education UK Exhibitions (Edukex) 2015.It will be taking place at the Le Royal Meridien in Abu Dhabi on the 10th of November and also at the Dubai World Trade Centre on ...

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Education opportunities in UK will not be cheaper as before October 28, 2015
Education opportunities in UK will not be cheaper as before

It’s no more a cheaper affair for the foreign students to pursue education in the UK. A foreign student who seeks to apply for the Tier 4 visa is required to show enough funds for their education fees as well as their living cost. The cost of living has also increased by 24%. Until a student has a job in his/her ha...

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Number of foreign students in Australia is up by 2.6% every year October 28, 2015
Foreign student number in Australia is rising 2.6% yearly

Number of foreign students is moving towards pursuing education in Australia, and the figures are up by 2.6% every year according to the information.The statistics from the department of immigration has revealed that a total of 2.30.000 student visas were issued in the year 2014-15 and it is expected to increase in the...

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Canada's Nova Scotia asks Ottawa to remove immigration limit October 27, 2015
Canada's Nova Scotia asks Ottawa to remove immigration limit

Lena Diab, Immigration Minister of Province, had planned to request the new federal government for removal of restrictions that limit the immigrant numbers the province can take in under the programs of province.She said that she has been looking forward towards 4th November, the day when the new government cabinet swe...

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E-1 and E-2 Treaty Visas can be seen as alternative for H-1B and L-1 visas October 27, 2015
E-1 and E-2 Treaty Visas can be seen as options for H-1B and L-1 visas

There is continuous concern about difficulties in getting the L-1B visas for the employees with specialized knowledge levels. Sometimes it becomes difficult for meeting the L-1B visa requirements due to the uncertainties of what exactly qualifies as the employee with specialized knowledge levels.Another popular nonimmi...

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US Federal government received comments on new rule for STEM students October 27, 2015
Comments on new STEM student rule is flooding the federal inbox

Merely after a week of the federal government’s proposal for expanding the time for overseas STEM students to work in the US on the student visa they had received almost 3000 comments that are supporting the proposed changes by Obama Administration. In the new set of rules, the US seek changes to the OPT program.The ...

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India stood third in terms of biggest student market in London October 27, 2015
India is the third biggest market for students in London

According to the recent report, India is behind China and the US in terms of largest overseas student market in London.Foreign students who are pursuing education at the universities of London previous year provided around 3 billion pounds enhancement to the economy of the UK and also help supporting almost 37,000 jobs...

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