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Australia remains most favorable destination for the people of UK November 07, 2015
Australia remains most favorable destination for the people of UK

Australia continues to be the most admired destination for those who emigrate from the UK. According to the report which revealed that around 1.27 million people from Britain has relocated to live and work in Australia. That is every one out of four people from Britain have left the Britain deciding to relocate for liv...

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Immigration Department of Australia is making visa application process more efficient November 06, 2015
New Technology is making Australian visa application process more quickly

According to the annual report from the Australian Immigration Department, it is processing the applications for visa more efficient, quick and making easy for the applicants with its flagship program ImmiAccount.The report also pointed out that, since its launch in the month of December 2013, the universal citizenship...

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Call for ease of Australian Working Holiday Visas November 05, 2015
Call for ease of Australian Working Holiday Visas

Martin Ferguson, Former ACTU president and cabinet minister, has called for ease of working holiday visas after the latest report has revealed that the tourism industry will require more than 1,20,000 more employees by the end of 10 years.According to a report, the Australian tourism industry is facing a shortage of ar...

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Foreign students providing $18 billion yearly boost to the sector November 05, 2015
Foreign students providing $18 billion yearly boost to the sector

Foreign students had contributed around $5.25 billion to the economy of Australia in a period of three months.According to the figures from Bureau of Statistics of Australia, the optimistic September quarter limits off to a record breaking year in the overseas student sector that brought in almost $19 billion for a yea...

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Crackdown in Australian immigration has hit foreign students market November 04, 2015
Australian visa crackdown has hit overseas student market

In Australia, there has been decrease in the grant of student visas at the end of the last financial year. The information from the Australian immigration department shows that there were around 3,75,000 foreign students visa holders at the end of June month, this was the highest number since the end of previous decade...

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Visitors on Working Holiday Visas can stay and work more in Northern Australia October 31, 2015
Visitors on working holiday visas can stay and work more in Northern Australia

Changes has been announced to Australia’s most popular working holiday visa scheme which always aims at youth so that they stay and work in the northern regions of Australia.Now the visitors who come on working holiday visas can be able to work for six extra months in few of the high demanding industries of Northern ...

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Cloud based passports will be implemented soon in Australia October 30, 2015
Australia to consider Cloud Based Passports

The Foreign Affairs Department of Australia will soon consider implementing the cloud-based passports. This idea will see the biometric and biographic information of the citizens to be stored online and which will allow the tourists to shun the physical passportsThe idea will be the product of an innovated contest orga...

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Number of foreign students in Australia is up by 2.6% every year October 28, 2015
Foreign student number in Australia is rising 2.6% yearly

Number of foreign students is moving towards pursuing education in Australia, and the figures are up by 2.6% every year according to the information.The statistics from the department of immigration has revealed that a total of 2.30.000 student visas were issued in the year 2014-15 and it is expected to increase in the...

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