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30,000 aspirant Australians needs a new Prime Minister for addressing old issues October 12, 2015
30,000 hopeful Australians needs a new Prime Minister for addressing old issues

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had earlier said that Australia needs a new leadership style, who can explain the opportunities and challenges. He said that his government’s new style will bring an end to the policy and the calls of captain and reintroducing the advice-giving leadership.The challenge of th...

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New service of migration advice launched in Australia October 08, 2015
New service of advice on migration launched in Australia

A new website service has been launched for providing the advice on migration to Australia to the people from across the world. The service would be more reliable, affordable and easy to access. People who apply for the Australian visas from abroad would get difficulties in finding out the right advice for different ci...

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Australia slammed for scrapping low priority skilled visas which turned away 16,000 peoples September 30, 2015
Aussie Government slammed for scrapping low priority skilled visas which turned away 16,000 people

Australia’s federal government has turned away a large number of people who aspires to live in Australia by eliminating the group of visas and telling them that their applications were never existed.Around 16,000 people which also include many families are getting affected by this decision. Many people have waited ...

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Legal challenge looms over limit on applications of Priority 5 visa September 29, 2015
The legal challenge is looming over the limit on applications for Priority 5 visa

Australia’s Migration Institute has launched a legal challenge over the Australia’s Immigration Department decision of limiting the applications of low priority skilled visas from the offshore applicants.The visas based on points also known asPriority 5, are for skilled to permanently migrate to Australia. There ar...

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More Chinese and Indian citizens are signing up for Australia on the temporary visas September 29, 2015
More citizens from China and India are signing up for Australia on the temporary visas

According to the latest data on immigration, there are around 3,00,000 citizens from China and India who are in Australia on the temporary visas.Most of the foreign nationals who arrives here in Australia as visitors, skilled workers or as students on 457 visas.A total of 1.76 million people migrate to Australia on the...

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Compromise on Australia- China FTA proposed September 28, 2015
Compromise on Australia- China FTA proposed

Craig Emerson, Australia’s Former trade minister, has made a proposal for making a way out of deadlock between the Coalition and the Labor overAustralia and China’s FTA (Free Trade Agreement).A note of suggestion was circulated to both the parties, suggesting a simple change in rules under the Migration Act, whic...

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Skilled workers in Australia are angry on visa caps and ceased visa classes September 26, 2015
Skilled workers are angry on visa caps and ceasing

Australia’s DIBP has announced that it has stopped the processing some of the skilled visa classes of lower priority.This has disappointed many people who were waiting for the decision on the “point’s visas” as called by them, which is known as “Priority 5”.The limitation and ceasing announcement is affecti...

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Chinese working holiday visas filled in minutes said Australian Immigration Minister September 24, 2015
Chinese visas for working holiday filled in minutes says Australian Immigration Minister

Australian Immigration and Border Protection Minister Peter Dutton made an announcement regarding the first portion of Work and Holiday visas for the young Chinese population. According to him the applications were filled in minutes after being made available. And there are 1500 visas available now under the new agreem...

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