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Australia's DIBP received freedom of information requests in large numbers October 27, 2015
Australia's Immigration Department bear impact of flood of FOI requests

The minister’s offices and the federal bureaucracy had been bombarded with as many as 35,550 FOI (Freedom of Information Requests) in the previous year, and the Australia’s DIBP has received over half.According to the annual report from the Australian Information Commissioner’s Office, the FOI requests number...

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There's something you should know about overseas worker visa system of Australia October 26, 2015
There's something important to know about overseas worker visa system of Australia

There’s something important you should know about the overseas worker visa system of Australia, as it has certainly hit the embarrassing extents.In recent times, we have been hearing about the widespread exploitation of the overseas student workers, and we have also heard about the foreign student colleges has taken ...

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The China-Australia FTA is set to get the green signal October 21, 2015
The China-Australia FTA is set to get the green signal

The Free trade agreement between China and Australia looked set for getting the green signal from the parliament after the government and the labor agreed for changes related to the jobs.Trade and Investment Minister Penny Wong and the leader of Opposition BiIl Shorten announced today the package of safeguards.The chan...

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Students in Australia can benefit from the VET FEE Help Scheme October 20, 2015
Australian students can avail the benefit from the VET FEE Help Scheme

Australian students can benefit from this VET FEE Help Scheme, which is the government initiative scheme, helping the students in paying their university expenses as the tuition fees, it is made available to those students who meet the eligibility requirement.Students can avail this opportunity by choosing to pay their...

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Opportunity for teachers who wish to settle in Australia October 19, 2015
Visa schemes has not succeeded in easing shortage of teachers

Australia’s Victorian state government scheme for visa nomination that is designed for easing the acute shortages of science, maths, physics, special education and language teachers has resulted in eight applications in the previous year. According to the statistics from the Economic Development Department.This s...

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Australia promises New Zealand to speed up appeals for Kiwis facing deportations October 17, 2015
Australia to fast track visa appeals for Kiwis facing deportations

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has promised New Zealand Prime Minister to fast track the appeal process for the citizens of New Zealand who are facingdeportation from Australia. He said that he is alert and empathetic to New Zealand’s concerns about the issue.One Kiwi on average is being deported from A...

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Australia to extend loan access to New Zealand students October 17, 2015
Australia to extend access to student loan to kiwis

Thousands of students from New Zealand will get the access to the student loan program of Australia under the new government plan which will make it easier for them to study in Australia, but New Zealand has also vowed to continue fighting for the access to many other benefits and the entitlements.Malcolm Turnbull on h...

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Australian visas for the Indian students go up by 38% October 15, 2015
Australian visas for the Indian students go up by 38%

Australia is emerging as the most popular destination for the Indian students. In the year, 2013-14, around 34,100 visas were granted to the Indian students, an increase of 38% when compared to the previous year. Even though the students from China outnumbers the students from india, the increase in the student visas w...

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