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Chinese working holiday visas filled in minutes said Australian Immigration Minister September 24, 2015
Chinese visas for working holiday filled in minutes says Australian Immigration Minister

Australian Immigration and Border Protection Minister Peter Dutton made an announcement regarding the first portion of Work and Holiday visas for the young Chinese population. According to him the applications were filled in minutes after being made available. And there are 1500 visas available now under the new agreem...

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Australia to make changes in its Visa Service Arrangements in New Zealand September 24, 2015
Changes to Service Arrangements for Application to Australian visa in New Zealand

Number of changes to service arrangements in New Zealand for applications to the Australian visa has been done with effect from next week. Visa applicants who apply from New Zealand should understand these changes as they are important when applying for visa application while entering Australia.From the 29th September,...

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Malcolm Turnbull holds line on China's Free Trade Agreement deal September 23, 2015
Malcom Turnbull holds the line on deal for China's FTA

The newly elected Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will turn down the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s request of negotiations on safeguarding the rights of foreign workers on the China’s FTA deal.Trade Minister Andrew Robb also insists that the agreement is providing all the necessary protections on the ...

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New Zealand ask for more information on its deported citizens from Australia September 18, 2015
New Zealand seek more information of its citizens being deported from Australia

Citizens of New Zealand are facing deportation and visa cancellations after being held in Australian detention centres.Any citizen who is facing a sentence for 12 months and anyone who is found without the Australian citizenship could be deported no matter if he/she is living for a longer period of time. As the Austral...

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Federal Government crackdown on payments from workers for Australian skilled visas September 16, 2015
Australian government crackdown on payments from workers for skilled visas

Under a crackdown from the federal government, employers could face jail term or could also face fines of up to $ 3,40,000 if they are asking for any payment of money from the worker while offering to sponsor visas for foreign workers.In a step to protect the rights of the foreign workers and also stopping them from ge...

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Australia announced additional measures to help work visa holders September 12, 2015
Additional measures announced by Australian government to help work visa holders

The government of Australia announced additional steps in helping and protecting workers, Providing more resources and information to the visa holders so that they can easily understand the rights of their work place.Steps are being taken to improve the visa granting notices related to different temporary visas, by upd...

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Geoscientists calls for more tough laws on 457 work visa September 10, 2015
Geoscientists calls for tough laws on 457 work visa

Institute of Geoscientists in Australia has made an appeal to the federal government to add geoscientist profession in their list of jobs that are not let off from the labour market test under the 457 work visa program.A request has been made to Peter Dutton, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, for in...

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Increase work hours demands international students in Australia September 09, 2015
International students in Australia demands increase in work hours

International students are mounting pressure on the federal government, asking them to provide amnesty for the exploited international workers who have already exceeded their permitted working hours.Reports from the media have revealed that there are some thousands of international workers who have not been paid from 7...

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