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Foreign students attracted to be educated in Australia June 18, 2015
Foreign students are getting attracted to study in Australia

In order to live permanently almost 200,000 people have migrated to Australia as permanent residents in the years 2013/2014 which is financial with a huge rise in the number of the foreign students.The numbers from the (DIBP) Department of Immigration and Border protection show that 207,900 immigrants who are settled a...

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Private colleges win from the changes to the student visa June 17, 2015
The Federal government will simplify the visa process system for the international students

The private colleges now find it easier from Australia’s international business student. Federal government has announced the changes to the student visa for their benefits. It is also said that they would reduce the number of types of student visa from eight to two and they will provide to replace the limited number...

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Funds to attract the South Australian students June 16, 2015
Extra funds for the South Australian students to be attracted

In order to attract more number of international students this week the budget of South Australia $5.7 million over the four years.Tom Koutasantonis TREASURER stated that the campaign of the new Destination Adelaide will boost the competitiveness of South Australia in attracting the foreign students from the main marke...

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Resource export gap could be filled by the foreign student boom June 15, 2015
Resource export gap can be filled by the boom of foreign students

In the year 2015, most of the international students began their courses in the universities of Australia, English schools and colleges than any of the previous years in the history, an enormous rebound which was driven by easier visas, a lower dollar and scheme which enables them for an 18 month stay after finishing...

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Australian Government deciding to make english language compulsary June 08, 2015
English language is must to become an Australian

English test may be made obligatory by the government of Australia to overhaul the country’s citizenship regulation. 20 questions were asked about the Australian values, beliefs, people and its system of law for the person who wants to become the citizens. People need a basic English knowledge and Australian knowledg...

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Visa Winners are small caps and venture capital June 05, 2015
Innovation is the key to our economic future for rising compines

Australia's signification investor has been changed recently.The funds can be invested in other corporate bonds, listed companies, annuities or real resources, subject to a limit on property investment. Under new rules, while the total investment limit remains $5m, foreigners will required to invest at least $500,000 ...

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A New Working Holiday Agreement has signed by Australia and Slovakia for young people June 01, 2015
Australia and Slovakia latest agreement to work and explore in each other's country

Australia and Slovak’s Foreign Affairs Ministers met and signed the agreement that the young Slovaks and Australians can now travel and work under mutually in each other’s country by getting holiday visa which is now confirmed officials after this agreement. The Ministers of the countries said that the new agreemen...

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Australian Govt Made Announcement of Changes in Visa, for wealthy investors May 21, 2015
For changes to visa investors will turn out in Australia

The Australian govt desires to make few changes to the significant investment visa as well as for premium investor visa over the next year.The main point is to attract a small number of highly talented and entrepreneurial persons by Australia which would bring a long term economic benefit to the country.Starting from...

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