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1,90,000 immigrants enter Australia September 20, 2014
Australia welcomes 190,000 immigrants

Australia has hit the headlines for all the good reasons. The country, which has set a target of welcoming at least 1,90,000 immigrants, has successfully accomplished the same. For having set a new record in the immigration history of Australia, the Australian immigration officials and ministers were all in smiles when...

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Malaysia Announces Five-Year Multiple Entry Visa for Australian Investors September 11, 2014
Australian investors can apply for five-year multiple entry visa for Malaysia

The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak, said that the Australian foreign finance managers, business visitors and investors can apply for a multiple entry visa for a five years validity period, effective December 2014. Malaysia identifies the free mobility of investors, business travelers and ski...

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Australia encourages everyone to participate in Citizenship Day held on 17 September September 11, 2014
Australia adjures one and all to take part in Citizenship Day held on 17 September

Australia calls on its citizens, expats and immigrants to participate in Australian Citizenship Day, which will be celebrated on 17 September every year. Australian Citizenship Day commemorates the common bond of citizenship in diverse nation. The populace of the country is made up of more than 300 ancestries as per ...

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Morrison welcomes proposed changes to 457; Aus likely to draw more employees September 10, 2014
Morrison welcomes proposed changes to 457; Aus likely to draw more employees

Australia is likely to consider the proposals to change the regulations of 457 visa scheme. It may be recalled that a review was conducted by an expert panel in to this visa scheme and came out with number of recommendations that were placed before the Australian high commission for its approval.The Australia immigra...

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NSW Deputy Premier announces certain reforms to nomination rules of SIV September 10, 2014
NSW Deputy Premier announces certain amendments to SIV

The Deputy Premier of New South Wales, Andrew Stoner, has made an announcement stating that applicants who are interested to acquire NSW nominations need not make an investment into NSW Waratah Bonds, effective 1 September 2014.Significant Investor Visa (SIV) applicants need to acquire nomination from the government of...

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Australia decks up to introduce eGates at 8 major airports September 09, 2014
Australia decks up to introduce eGates at 8 major airports  Latest Updates

The Australian immigration department is geared up to introduce eGates at eight major international airports in Australia. This decision, which has been welcomed by the immigration circles, will come into force from 2015.While paying more attention to the traveler interactions, the eGate technology, as briefed to the m...

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Nationals of Australia, Spain to enjoy work & holiday visa agreement September 04, 2014
Australia, Spain agreed on work & holiday visa agreement

Australia and Spain have reached an agreement concerned with reciprocal work and holiday visa arrangement to benefit young professionals.The agreement will help maximum 500 young professionals from both the countries to enjoy a holiday in the other nation, while they can even engage in work and study on short-ter...

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New comer events in Australia set to help them stay in the country September 03, 2014
Australian firm set to give advice for newcomers to settle in the country

Australian firm sought to provide a series of events for newcomers as well as to the young people in the country on working holiday visas, who wish to extend their stay in the country.The event to be held by the firm would lay its focus on education, employment, visa and settlement services for the newcomers as well as...

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