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New Visa Scheme launched by Tech City UK to help firms attract the non EU talent October 20, 2015
Tech City UK launched new visa scheme that helps startups attract the non EU talent

UK government’s body Tech City UK has made an announcement regarding the launch of revisedTech Nation Visa Scheme that will be making easier for the technology startups to attract the top talent from non-EU nations.After consultations with the founders of technology business and the industry leaders on the rising cha...

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Britain's Super Priority Visa hit among Indian business community October 20, 2015
UK's same day Super Priority Visa hit among Indian business community

Britain’s Super Priority Visa has become a hit among the business community of India; however it is costing a whopping amount of Rs.60, 000/- or 600 pounds more apart from the visa cost.Regional Director, UK Immigration and Visas, Nick Crouch said that since the launch of the service in the year 2013, more than 1...

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UK firms awaits new visa scheme for importing non EU citizens with IT skills October 19, 2015
Companies in the UK awaits new visa scheme to bring non EU citizens with IT skills

Many firms are wishing that the immigration policy shall be relaxed so as to recruit the skilled IT workers more easily from outside the EU.A surprise announcement was made on Friday by the government saying that the new visa scheme for the digital companies will be offering four new ways for importing the IT skilled n...

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Britain welcomes Chinese tourists, investors and students October 19, 2015
Britain wants more Chinese tourists, investors and students

In an increasing effort to motivate the Chinese investment and trade in the UK, the country is welcoming the tourists and students from China. According to a senior official.British Trade and Investment Minister, Lord Francis Maude, said that the UK has attracted much investment from the businessmen from China than any...

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UK is planning to introduce tougher English test for foreign students October 19, 2015
UK plans the introduction of tougher English test for foreign students

With the introduction of tougher English tests for non-EU students which is planned by the UK government, will affect many Indian students who look at the UK as the destination for the higher studies. With this new move by the UK government, it is likely that there will be further decrease in the number of Indian stu...

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Immigration skills levy to be introduced by the UK government October 17, 2015
Immigration skills charges will be introduced by the UK government

The government of UK said that they had concerns about the shortage of skilled workers in the UK, but on the other hand their policies are making the situation worse as it is getting more difficult for employing the high skilled citizens from outside of the EU. The new charges that are being levied by the government fo...

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Foreign nationals are exempted from acquiring Netherland Entry Visa (MVV) October 17, 2015
Overseas nationals are exempted from getting Netherland Entry Visa (MVV)

Many categories of the overseas nationals who are planning to reside and work in the Netherlands for more than three months of period are exempted from getting an Entry Visa (MVV).More categories are no longer required to acquire MVV long stay visa for more than 90 days in 6 months.It will benefit to the individuals wi...

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Restrictions on overseas nurses' recruitment to be lifted temporarily October 16, 2015
Restrictions on recruitment of nurses from abroad to be lifted temporarily

Restrictions on NHS foundation for recruiting the nurses from abroad have been lifted temporarily after warnings that the crises in the medical staffing is threatening this winter.Nurses are added to the shortage occupation list of the government which means that the nurses from outside of the Area of European Economy ...

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