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The New entrepreneur work visa December 20, 2013
The New Entrepreneur Work Visa

The government of New Zealand is looking to attract more foreign entrepreneurs to their country, they want New Zealand to benefit from these new business ventures, the economy will get a boost if entrepreneurs do choose to have a business there, creating new jobs will be a boost to both the economy and the workforce of...

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Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment in New Zealand December 20, 2013
Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment in New Zealand

(by Lumaxart, Creative Commons Licence)A recent report was assigned by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment in New Zealand. The report has clarified that temporary immigration is working to benefit both New Zealand and native New Zealanders alike. The positive effect on wages and and employments is, ...

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Immigration can be a minefield but one that will lead to a better way of life. December 19, 2013
Immigration can be a minefield but one that will lead to a better way

Immigration can be very complicated, so many rules and regulations that any interned applicant needs to get their heads around and making sure they can comply to all that is required and that the documentations that are required are all in date and legal. Then there are waiting times, fees, extensions, conditions o...

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Religious Workers Visa for New Zealand December 19, 2013
Religious Workers Visa for New Zealand

New Zealand is a relatively young country, this does not mean that the country is behind other countries, on the contrary New Zealand is one of the most cultural, the acceptance of everyone is very high and so this makes the country as a whole very diverse. The diversity is in all aspects of life, none more than in a r...

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Migrants in New Zealand December 17, 2013
Migrants in New Zealand

New Zealand has always been a very popular destination for migrants, the country has so much to offer would be migrants that it is easy to see why the country is such an attractive destination for a range of people from all over the world. New Zealand have always actively encouraged migrants to enter their country ...

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Visa requirements for NZ December 17, 2013
Visa requirements for NZ - Visa Reporter News

Anyone who intends on travelling to New Zealand for any length of time, and are not from a country that New Zealand class as a visa waiver country, will need to apply and obtain a visitor visa to enter the country. There are three criteria that must be met when applying for a visa. An applicant's health must be go...

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Take care when migrating NZ December 16, 2013
Take care when migrating NZ

Illegal immigration also known as immigration fraud, takes place in many countries across the world. These countries have different stances on how they approach both the subject of illegal immigration, and how to stop it, as well as the individuals that commit immigration fraud. With human rights activist fighting ...

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Immigration growth December 13, 2013
Immigration growth - Visa Reporter New zealand News

Immigration has always been high in New Zealand, although a country that is on the other side of the world it has never put potential migrants off and they make the change and travel the long distance to start their new life in New Zealand. History show that migrants have always been welcome in New Zealand and the ...

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