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Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand press on UK for keeping OE channels open September 14, 2015
CA ANZ press on UK to keep its OE channels open

Pressure could increase to lock out many New Zealanders from the traditional ‘OE’ in the UK as it is jostling to control a huge number of immigrants.UK’s prime Minister strived to curb the legal migrants from 3, 30,000 to 1,00,000 which can close the gates for professional migrants from New Zealand and Australia....

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Needed wealthy immigrants to put 10% capital into growing investments - Icehouse September 14, 2015
Wealthy immigrants are required to put 10% capital into growing investments - Icehouse

According to a business group wealthy immigrants are required for investing in startups.Andrew Hamilton, chief executive of business growth hub The Icehouse said that they are proposing a minimum 10% of capital from wealthy immigrants to be place into investments meant for growth like venture capital, angel investment ...

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Migrants are satisfied with the approved immigration advisers September 07, 2015
Migrants are satisfied with the approved immigration advisers

The statistics in a survey revealed that more than 8 migrants out of 10 express satisfaction with quality service they get from their approved immigration adviser.In an annual survey since 2009, the Authority of Immigration Advisers are doing the survey on the visa applicants who have used the services of an approved...

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New Zealand new immigration policy may not boost the regions September 01, 2015
New Zealand recent immigration policies are doubtful to boost the regions

The economic advisor of New Zealand government feels that the new immigration policy would not help anything to attract migrants into the regions.Under the new rules, the skilled migrants who want to go for a job or establish their own businesses need to have their points for residency requests approval.On 26th July ...

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Indian students boomed in the New Zealand record migration figures August 21, 2015
Indian students boomed in the New Zealand record migration figures

New Zealand net annual migration has recorded major immigration gains, with the more number of students arriving from India and the increasing number of Kiwis returning from Australia, New Zealand had registered about more than 3 million short-term visitors.According to the Statistics New Zealand, the short ter...

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New Zealand becomes most popular among foreigners August 10, 2015
Statistics shows New Zealand is popular among the foreigners

New Zealand is becoming more popular among the tourists coming to the country. Especially with the people from countries of the US and China, according to the figures provided by Statistics New Zealand.According to the estimates New Zealand received 177,000 visitors in the month of June, which is about 9 percent incr...

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New Zealand immigration policy will pull more Indians August 05, 2015
New Zealand immigration policy to benefit more Indians

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has recently announced to give extra incentives to the immigrants who move and settle outside of Auckland, as the city receives skilled migrants about half of the total 10,000 annually absorbed immigration to New Zealand, and are currently residing in Auckland, the most populou...

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New Zealand immigration reforms to boost the regions July 27, 2015
Immigration reforms to boost New Zealand

New Zealand prime minister, John Key have announced new immigration rules to encourage the skilled migrants and businessmen to move into the new regions, at the national party conference held on July 26, 2015, in Auckland.The new immigration rules are intended to boost the local economies by increasing the bonus po...

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