1,81,051 Indian students had enrolled for higher education in the US last year

January 19, 2016
According to the information revealed by the Information System for Students and Exchange Visitor (SEVIS), as many as 1,81,051 Indian students had registered for the higher education in the US by last year November month.

As per SEVIS, there is an increase in a number of students from India by 71% in just two years. In January 2014, there were around 1,05,426 students from India who were studying in the US.

1,81,0151 Indian students had enrolled for higher education in the US last year

The SEVIS information had specified that many students from India were registered in master degree programs, rather than much costly and longer undergraduate degree programs.

According to the SEVIS, In the previous year, around 77% or three out of four students from India in the US had enrolled for their master degree program. Only 10% of the Indian students had enrolled for the costly four-year bachelor program, when compared to around 36% of students from China.

The average price for a yearly tuition fees for foreign students might vary between $23,800 at public universities and colleges to $32,400 at private educational institutions. The demand for master program of the US is apparent from over 2, 10,000 applications had received from the students from India in the previous year.

According to SEVIS, many students from India are interested in computer science, engineering, and associated STEM fields that offers and extended chance to do the job in the US through the OPT program. Almost 82% of Indian students were registered in STEM-related programs while the statistics were only 38% for the students from China.

As per SEVIS information, Indian students’ most favorite destination in the US is IT companies. Around 40% students are registered in just three states i.e. California with 30.823 students, Texas with 21,590 students and New York with 17,711 students.  The number in California had doubled from 15,327 in 2014 to 30, 283 in the year 2015.

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