3,749 Candidates Invited to Apply for Immigration to Canada in March 24

March 27, 2017

The current direct entry draw for the migration to the nation of Canada has sent out around 3749 invitations for applications to interested candidates in the array of candidates with around 441 or more points.

The draw took place on the 24th of March and is the second to have been carried out in the month of March.

Even though the distance between the two latest draws seemed to be longer than what has come to be expected of the draws, applicants in the array, including those who had received a call to apply, can take it as a positive sign that migration in the country of Canada is still scheduled to be done at least twice every month.

To be precise, in the last few months, a lot more applicants have been called upon to submit applications than has been recorded since the inception of the scheme.

As at this time last year, a total of around 9,465 applications had been given out.

This year, however, a total of around 24,653 applications have been granted, which depicts an increase of more than 160%. As a result, there has been a significant drop in the requirement as the years progressed.

Even though the Canadian migration system for the 24th of March has a cut-off benchmark seven points greater than the draw held on the 1st of March, the benchmark of 441 is still pretty lower than any other benchmark for any draw previously held before in the year 2016.

The cause of the little alteration in the requirement scheme since around the 1st of March can be traced back to the slightly further gap between the two draws.

This longer wait period has provided more applicants with the opportunity to enter the array of applicants than is usually expected in a draw year.

Applicants who get their application are now primed to tender it in exchange for a permanent residential permit in the country.

Together with their family members, they could come to Canada to begin a new life afresh.

A benchmark of around 441 translates to the possibility of an applicant with a BSc degree and no work experience in the country, no extra points, no job offer and no previous study time in the country to be eligible to obtaining a permit, assuming that they had demonstrated the desired level of proficiency in either English or French.

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