30,000 aspirant Australians needs a new Prime Minister for addressing old issues

October 12, 2015
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had earlier said that Australia needs a new leadership style, who can explain the opportunities and challenges. He said that his government’s new style will bring an end to the policy and the calls of captain and reintroducing the advice-giving leadership.

30,000 hopeful Australians needs a new Prime Minister for addressing old issues

The challenge of the country’s almost 30,000 legacy cases of bridging visa provides a brilliant opportunity for Prime Minister Turnbull for putting the promise into practice.

The legacy challenge is not about balancing the national security and humanity. This is a diverse conundrum.  It is a chance for the new government for showing that they can be pragmatic.

In the later half of the year 2011, Gillard’s government’s immigration policies of irregular maritime arrival were under important pressure from a rising population of asylum seekers.

And with the limited options, the Australian government decides that maritime arrivals will be released into community on bridging visas. And in the year 2013, with response to the upsurge in the boat arrivals, the Rudh government reestablished the processing of offshore. 

Around 30,000 people were in limbo for two years on Bridging E-visas that allows them to stay in Australia. 

Neither the DIBP, nor the Australian Border Force (ABF) has resources available for addressing issues without funds redirection from the border security.

Turnbull government can do two three things like funding the ABF for resolving the caseload of legacy quickly, acknowledging how much time it will take to resolve the cases which are outstanding, looking out for an alternative, and option of pragmatic policy.

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