A glimpse of hope for the students who want to study in the UK

December 07, 2015
The latest announcement which was made by the exchequer UK chancellor George Osborne in his statement that overseas non EU students can be removed from the official migration numbers, have been welcomed by many education experts. And if the proposal of Osborne is implemented, the foreign students that also include the students from India would not be added in the migration figures.

Osborne had also ruled out much savings needs and strict language tests for the student who applies for the visa. He said that both does not comes under the policy of government and would not be implemented.

A glimpse of hope for the students who want to study in the UK

Many education experts have welcomed the proposal. According to the Vice Chancellor, Sheffield University, the decrease in the student numbers from India is a matter of concern. And this proposal would rightly go in assuring the Indians that apart from the facilities and world class teaching, the UK would also recognizes India’s cultural and academic contribution to the nation.

He also said that the university officials are working with the British Council for developing  a campaign for reaching out to the potential students all over the world and especially in India.

Member of House of Lords, Karan Bilimoria, has also welcomed the proposal from Osborne and said that its positive. Osborne had set the target of 55,000 hike in the foreign students by the year 2019-20 and this would motivate the students who comes from India to study in the UK.

He also hoped that the government of the UK would aim the potential students from India with its initiatives for the policy like reintroducing the post study job visa for the overseas students which also includes students from India.

London lures around 1,00,000 foreign students each year, which is much higher than any other city of the world,  and the students contributes around three billion pounds to the economy of the UK and also assist support 37,000 jobs.

India is the third highest foreign student market in London after the US and China. The number of students from India who are pursuing education at the universities of London has been more than halved over the previous five years.

In the year 2009-10, there were around 9,925 students from India in London while in the year they were just 4,790 students. 

Few days back, Boris Johnson, London Mayor had projected the new steps for helping the city to get its top position as the study capital of the world. He had planned two options regarding the policies on job prospects after completing the graduation that would be attractive for the Indian students and other students from other nations.

It also includes the new Commonwealth job visa for the period of two years, which would be started in India and if successful it could be extended further to other nations.

The next plan is job visa for the graduates in the STEM related streams which would be valid for two years.

This would surely lure the students from India as the STEM degrees are popular among them. It would also assist in meeting the shortage of skills in the UK. The post study work visa which provided the students from non EU nations the right to stay in the UK for the period of two years after completing the graduation was stopped in the year 2012.

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