A new dawn for Greenland with the removing of the 25 years old mining ban

October 25, 2013

A new dawn for Greenland with the removing of the 25 years old mining ban

After a period of about 25 years the Parliament of Greenland has finally agreed to remove its ban on the mining of uranium in the Greenland area. This step is no doubt a great leap to bring in industrial boom in the Arctic island. Also, with this industrial boom they can finally free themselves from the clutches of their formal colonial power, Denmark. Greenland a semi autonomous body of the state of Denmark is new to carve a new path with this recent relaxation in the decade long ban.

The ban was actually on the mining of the rare earth. Rare earths are those elements which are used in the productions of various kinds of electrical communication systems. They are also an important part of the various kinds of weapons that are used. However, often uranium is found mixed with rare earth and that is why there was a ban on the mining of the rare earth.

In the contemporary scenario the largest mining facility for the rare earth is found in China and they are also the largest producers of the more than 90% global electrical systems. However, the reserves in the Southern Greenland are estimated to be much more than that. In accordance with a report from an Australian company it was stated that they would be able to extract about 40, 000 of metals of rare earth per year.

The parliament finally agreed to move the ban when the vote taken resulted in 15-14 along with the two absentees. Not only this, but a license to a British company was also provided in order to ensure that they being with the extraction work. The company is now trying to generate a good base of investment and also they are bringing in a lot of affordable labors from the land of China for the mining purpose.

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