A New Pathway for British Entrepreneurs in New Zealand

April 02, 2014
Opportunities British Entrepreneurs in New Zealand
To encourage the enterprising migrants, the government of New Zealand has launched an “entrepreneur work visa” to set up business in the country.

It is believed that this program will support economic growth and help create more local jobs especially outside of Auckland. This scheme will assess the applicants on points system.

The immigration minister, Michael Woodhouse, said of the launched visa that New Zealand is looking to attract talented, well connected, enterprising business people to grow and invest in New Zealand businesses. This new work visa for entrepreneurs will replace the current business visa which has not changed considerably since 1999 and did not attract potential entrepreneurs to the country. This entrepreneur work visa will operate and assess applicants on a points system which is expected to bring more productive and higher quality entrepreneurs.
It will encourage global business savvy migrants to settle, invest and create more jobs in the country, by giving more points for starting or expanding business outside of the Auckland city.

More points will be offered upon satisfying certain criteria such as business experience, export potential and job creation. A minimum of $100,000 capital investment is required to make sure that applicants have enough capability to create more and quality jobs.

According to migration experts, currently with is strong economic growth, increase in consumer demand and the new jobs creation across different range of industries and services, it is the right time to invest and start a business in New Zealand.

At present, Auckland, the biggest city of New Zealand is well known for migrants, and this is why additional points are awarded for business entrepreneurs investing outside this region.
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