Accommodation in New Zealand for Migrants

January 11, 2014

Accommodation in New Zealand for Migrants

New Zealand have many different options for migrants who enter the country, more and more immigrants arrive each year to work, study and live in New Zealand. Everyone needs accommodation and New Zealand have varied housing options available to migrants. As the country is so big, with vast open spaces which accommodation is best for you will depend on what  you are looking for, where your interests lie and of course you circumstances and family situation. There is accommodation to suit every individual in New Zealand.

Migrants have different options available to them regarding housing. You can choose to rent the accommodation you are looking for or buy if that is what you would like, many prices for both rentals and buying are higher than migrants first may think, with a demand for housing brings with it high prices. The highest bid will win, the prices do vary depending on the area and size of house or accommodation you are looking at. The kiwi dream is attainable but be aware that prices are high. Regional differences in prices are apparent throughout New Zealand, areas of the south island are significantly lower to both buy and rent compared with accommodation in Auckland.

Most new migrants who enter New Zealand to rent first rather than buy. As a new person to the country it is best to get a feel for the area, research and look around, become familiar with different areas and take time to think about the type of accommodation you want, before committing to buy. This is what most tend to do and is the wiser option if you do not know the country or the area. The rental properties in New Zealand are regulated by the “residential tenancies act” and administered by the building and housing group within the ministry of business, innovation and employment. They will provide standard contracts that outline the responsibility of both the tenant and landlord.

Buying a house is a big decision to make in any country but in a country that you are new to the decision is a massive one. You may feel that you want to buy a property as soon as possible, so you and your family feel more secure. Any decision should not be taken lightly and it is best not to rush into anything.

Once you are ready to buy a property the whole system is extremely efficient and very well organised. It is regulated so the process is fair to both the seller and the buyer.

You can obtain a guide to property valuations and reports which can be extremely helpful and informative.

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