After the US, it is now EU's turn to ban the entry of Ukrainian officials

February 22, 2014
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The US had officially put a ban on Thursday, 20th February, 2014, against about 20 senior officials of the Ukrainian government, on their entry to the US, on the stated reason that they were responsible for a violent crackdown on civil rights activists and related other individuals in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. In the country of Ukraine, the government there and some of the people of some provinces there are supportive of Russia and would like to align more closely with it, while there is another section of people which is against this idea and which is seeking closer ties with the EU instead. The EU itself wants Ukraine to move closer to and align with the EU and have and develop closer ties with it. So, it is in some ways encouraging those among the activists, individuals, etc. to support the US and EU’s policies and also bid for power in their home country.

In the latest move initiated by the EU, it has issued today, 21st February, approvals for a freeze on the officials’ assets as also a ban on their visas. The decision it is being stated holds them directly responsible for the violence and the government’s (or, administration’s) crackdown unleashed in Kiev. The ban on their visits/visas, which blocks entry to any of the 28 EU member states, it is intended by the EU will punish them as they are directly responsible for  violations of human rights, violence and use of excessive force in their country.

The EU has also stated that the ban extended to exports of equipment that could be used for using repressive force and violence against those who are agitating in Ukraine.
On the other hand, Russia has claimed and demanded that the Western powers should instead condemn the agitators and protesters, who it states are responsible for "terrorist" activities."         

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