After unfavorable ruling by the US, immigrant leaders explains subsequent steps

November 20, 2015
A day after the 5th Circuit had ruled against the Obama Administration executive action on the immigration, the leaders of immigration rights are saying that time has came now for the communities who got affected to act.

According to Annette Wong, Program Manager with Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA), they are not going to sit and wait for the ruling of the court. And would not let right wing judges or states to decide what happens to the destiny of our communities.

After unfavorable ruling by the US, immigrant leaders explains subsequent steps

The leaders of the immigration rights told that the undocumented shall continue applying for DACA, consult the trusted non-profits for other options of the visa and shall also prepare the documents for the applications in advance of prospect rulings of the court.

According to the roundtable speaker, the more the applications, the harder it will be for the courts to reverse the program.

The previous year, President Obama had announced two latest programs through the executive action, an extension of the DACA program and the fresh program for the parents of the citizens of the US or lawful permanent residents known as DAPA.

These programs are as of now on hold by the court ruling on 9th November, the ruling of the court support the lawsuit which was brought by 26 Republican-led states against the Obama Administration.

The Obama Administration will to appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court of the US in the next few weeks. If the case is taken by the Supreme Court, then it is very much likely that the decision might be announced in the month of June 2016.

According to the Center for Immigrant Legal Resource, Deputy Director, Sally Kinoshita, it is important to understand that the ruling of Monday did not affect the DACA. The programs stay in effect and will keep on assisting the undocumented immigrants who visit the US as children get work permits, social security numbers and the temporary reprieve from the deportation.

Staff Attorney with Foreign Institute of Bay Area, Juan Ortiz has advised the families to go to the trusted organization trusted on the community for the immigration checkup for seeing what they may qualify for.

He also said that almost 15% of the individuals who had applied for the DACA ended up qualifying for something else, like the U visa or T visa.

While the expansion of the DACA and the DAPA are on hold due to the decision of the court, the advocates of immigrants rights said that there are many steps that the families could take now for securing their future.

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