American Food Industry to Import 1 Million Visa-Workers

November 01, 2017

American food industries have been requesting the government to sanction their plea of importing one million low-wage workers for foreign countries. GOP chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and farm industry lobbyists met on October 24 to talk about it. This is American industries’ second attempt to make House Judiciary Committee pass  H-2C visa-workers bill. The committee is headed by GOP chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte, who belongs to Virginia.

Virginia itself has many chicken and turkey processing plants and are wanting to import low wage visa workers. They currently employ immigrants and low wage workers. The issue was raised on October 3 but the farm industry lobbyists didn’t win against Democratic and Republican legislatives.

Several polls were conducted to get to know what people want. Most of them were against cheap immigration labor. It displaces American workers and doesn’t work in their best interests. The House Judiciary Committee arranged a surprise meeting on 24 so that the legislators aren’t prepared. The committee is hoping that this time the legislators vote positive for the decision.

American worker

Drag down American wages

H-2C is a temporary visa. If the one million visa workers are sanctioned it will put American workers out of work. The immigrants will be played only a little above the government’s set minimum wage. It will save a lot of money of American industries. They won’t have to pay for the housing or transport costs. They also don’t need to guarantee a full-time work to them. The farm companies also get exempted from paying Social Security taxes.

If the bill is made a law it will reduce market pressure on American farm industries. Since the wages are so low, no one will force them to engage in highly advanced technology and cuts down labor. This bill is a very inefficient way companies are using to reduce input costs.

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