American Students Approach Canadian Universities in a big way

July 14, 2018
Canada, lying to the north of USA, has always been a refuge to the global students. It is a favorite destination for Americans who are keen to escape from difficult political situations. It happened during the Vietnam War, when many young Americans, escaped the draft that was thrusting them into a pointless conflict. Since those times, progressive people in the United States have regularly declared their intention to cross over to Canada, when the political landscape was not in their favor. Presently, the applicant pools of American universities have dropped noticeably; and there is a surge in the Canadian schools.

This development is partly due to the fact that, applicants from outside the USA and Canada are disheartened, by the inconsiderate immigration policies, pursued by the Trump administration.

American Students Approach Canadian Universities in a big way

American students also are opting to move to Canada, for taking up post-secondary education. The reasons are, low education cost in Canada, and its top quality life. Attending a great university, and also continuing to live cheaply after completing the graduation, is a huge advantage.

The Federal Government in Canada also makes it trouble-free, for foreign students to stay in Canada, after completing graduation. It issues a work visa that is valid for three years. The students can avail international tuition, which costs twenty thousand dollars annually, and the cost of an apartment is also comparatively low. Any American school, and a studio apartment in major American cities, come at a high cost. 
Additionally Canada has a fine reputation as an open and welcoming society.  As a result thousands of American students have already arrived in Canada. The presidency of Trump has undeniably multiplied their number. Official reports say that, the number of American students reaching Canada has increased threefold during the past decade. There is a great possibility, that many young Americans, will start a new life in Canada and also enrich it.

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