Anger and dismay over the cancellation of the Canadian Investor Program

March 06, 2014

Canadian Investor Program
Many of those whose application programs for ‘investor visa’ were scrapped are not only a disappointed lot, but also an angry lot. Representatives of some of them are from China and they say that those affected are feeling so let down by the Canadian authorities that they are even considering legal action. And even though, Canadian authorities are unrepentant, and state that the ‘investor program’ was a kind of program that was not useful, those affected, their representatives and some observers do say that the action was ‘kind of unilateral’ in every sense and that those aggrieved and affected had a right to feel that way.

But, some of these representatives may not just stop after complaining, but instead take up legal action too. For example, like suing the Canadian government for raising and building up their expectations, and suddenly it all down. As one legal representative of these investor applicants put it, there is something called as the ‘doctrine of legitimate expectations’, and since it is a sovereign government itself which has undertaken the program and invited applications for migration, it has something called a duty too, to explain and justify its conduct in the whole manner which smacked of arbitrariness. And going further, the representatives stated that they may even contemplate suing the government for its action of ‘cancelling the investor program’.

However, not all of the people concerned were that angry or upset or disappointed. Some of them said that there are still a number of programs left through which a prospective immigrant applicant can enter Canada. As examples of the kind of programs, they mentioned the names such as provincial immigration programs, business economic programs, new start up visa program, etc.

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