APEC travel card for business travelers to extend for five years

August 27, 2015
From September 1, 2015 onwards, Business travelers that are applying for new APEC business travel card will get a boost with a validity of five years from the present three years visa period.


APEC cards in general benefits the business travelers who want to avoid the country’s usual requirements and it also provide a very quick access to the passport control lanes at the major airports thus facilitating to avoid lengthy queues.

The APEC card benefits a person as he/she can remain and stay in a place for up to the period of 90 days instead of applying for business visa with each and every country, APEC facilitates return to the country often as long as the APEC card is valid.

For the business travelers who are traveling and visiting the countries like Russia and china, it is very hard as these countries had usually stricter visa requirements. It comes in handy while visiting the countries like Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore to shorten the waiting period at passport control.

The list of other participating countries in the APEC card is New Zealand, South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taipei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Chile, and Mexico.

The North American countries of USA and Canada also provide the quick immigration for the APEC card holders, while they are enforcing general visa requirements.

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