Armenia to end visa necessities for US citizens

May 31, 2014
Armenia to end visa necessities for US citizens

The Armenian government has announced intensions to unilaterally end visa necessities for United States’ nationals visiting Armenia.

Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergey Manasarian, told the law makers at Yerevan that it is anticipated that they will necessarily achieve what has been accomplished with European Union (EU).

He mentioned about the visa facilitation agreement with European Union (EU), which came into effect in January. This agreement had simplified the strict requirements of EU for few categories of Armenians travelling to Europe. Prior to this, Yerevan has authorized the nationals of EU to come into Armenia and stay in the country for a period of 90 days without visa. Now, Armenia is presently committed to a similar process with the U.S.

Armenia has been providing simple visa rules for the outside world since late 1990s. US citizens have been able to avail visas without any difficulty at the Armenian consulates as well as at the airports and border crossings of the nation.

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