As US Weighs Tightening Visa Program, Asia Stands to Benefit

March 29, 2017

An ex-graduate of the University of Columbia, Hongli Lan, will be forced to leave the United States of America should he lose the H-1B permit lottery this coming year again.

The brilliant quantitative analyst from China, who finished school in the year 2014, was trying to build his life as an analyst on wall street when he received a letter from the United States citizenship and migration body notifying him of the rejection of his lottery of the H-1B permit. “It is not fair,” Hongli told reporters.

“The prospects of winning the lottery for a student from China is too low, and I do not see how the present scheme of things benefits expert workers in the country.”

The H-1B foreigners permit scheme is designed for expert workers who work for local hiring companies who disclosed that they cannot secure enough workers of American descent with the proper talent and skill.

But due to the increasing interest in those positions, they had to come up with the permit lottery system to decide who gets what and who doesn’t.

And to then make matters worse for those who seek permits, there are directions coming from the president’s office that tend to the direction of a potential constriction program to influence strongly more indigenous employment of American nationals in the country.

Hiring companies would have to confirm that they pay the same amount of salary to both H-1B permit holders as they do to workers who are of American descent. In the year 2016, at the unemployment rate in the country rose to an all-time high, the H-1B permit programs was greatly issued out.

Around 236,000 applications were submitted to the department in charge of issuing out permits, three times more than the expected sum of around 65,000 limits of about 20,000.

To put this in simple terms, around two out of every three applicants who submitted an application to the body did not get their permits approved. Luckily, a qualified science, technology, engineering and mathematics research degree permits Hongli to remain in the country and get a job in the United States for up to three years, and as such he still has another chance to make this work out for good in his favour.

However, guessing how the year 2017 would go is a totally different thing entirely.

Experts say they expect it to be highly demanding and with an H-1B lottery ahead in the future, Lan is pretty optimistic about his chances.

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