Australia canceled the visa operation check following the outrage

August 29, 2015

A major operation that was planned to spot check the people visas in Melbourne had canceled after the spurt of mass protests and outrage that Australia is increasingly becoming a police state.

The protests were followed after the Australia Border Force had announced that they would conduct a background visa check in a joint operation along with Victoria police and transport officials in various locations of Melbourne to identify the visa fraudsters.

The Australian border force which is a part of immigration department said they will conduct the checks on the people referred to them, targeting in and around the city of anti-social behavior to the outstanding warrants.

But the news was quickly spurred and spread in the online questioning the rationale behind the operation that how they would identify and target the foreign appearance.

Under the Australian migration act, an officer can ask a person with a reasonable suspect to show their ID proof or visa or citizenship.

Amid the controversy, the ABF has released statement that it will not stop the random people on the streets to check their background visa and will target based on the race or ethnicity.

However, several hundreds of people had come on the streets and start protesting in the primary locations of the city condemning the intentions behind the operation.

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