Australia deports 900 Irish from for staying beyond visa limit

February 14, 2014
Australia deports 900 Irish - Visareporter

In the last three years, almost 900 Irish nationals have been deported from Australia for exceeding their visa limit.

The ‘Irish Echo’ has reported that around 891 Irish nationals have been sent back to Ireland from Down Under after over-staying their visa time limits. The newspaper also stated that records from Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIMP) show that it has detained some 72 people in immigration detention centres and asked them to return home. In 2013, as many as 29 of them returned home. DIMP said it had spent €3,300 approximately to expel the people whose visas had expired.

A press release to the ‘Irish Echo’ newspaper, from Michaelia Cash, assistant immigration minister said that it is already implementing a program called ‘assisted voluntary return’ that may cost nearly €1,000.

  • Under this assisted voluntary program, the person must declare that they are seeking to go to their home countries, but that they do not have the resources to return home.  
  • The persons who are willing to come back again to Australia in the future are not allowed under this scheme, until they pay the outstanding debt.
  •  In the three-year period, only 43 Irish nationals have chosen this scheme. Illegal migrants and non-citizens have no right to remain in Australia and are expected to leave the country. 
  • If the non-citizens and illegal migrants decline to leave the country voluntarily, they would be detained and removed/deported. 
  • The statement also clarified that persons staying more than 28 days after their visa’s expiry will not be granted a temporary visa till three years. 
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