Australia encourages everyone to participate in Citizenship Day held on 17 September

September 11, 2014
Australia calls everyone to chip in Citizenship Day ceremonies

Australia calls on its citizens, expats and immigrants to participate in Australian Citizenship Day, which will be celebrated on 17 September every year. Australian Citizenship Day commemorates the common bond of citizenship in diverse nation.      

The populace of the country is made up of more than 300 ancestries as per a campaign run by the immigration department of Australia. Australian citizenship is the one that unites people irrespective of their background.

Being one of the world’s most diversified nations, Australia is proud of its egalitarian, democratic, and harmonious. Australian Citizenship day is a good opportunity for all to reflect the meaning and value of the citizenship regardless of whether they are Australian by birth or pledge at a citizenship ceremony, a spokesman said. 

This is the 65th Australian citizenship day and Australians are requested to commemorate and identify the benefits and freedoms they enjoy as part of a diverse, democratic, contemporary, and egalitarian nation.
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