Australia has returned forty five Sri Lankan boat people home

February 07, 2014
Australia Immigration - Visareporter News
The government of Australia has returned forty five Srilankans who have travelled to Australia illegally by boat. The High Commission of Australia in Colombo stated that forty five hostages were set free after going through a protection assessment process.

8 of the captives willingly chose to go back to Srilanka. They may get help from the reintegration assistance program to continue their lives back in the country. The reintegration assistance program would lend their help only to the returnees who have come willingly but not to the people who came involuntarily.

Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection said that the people returned have no issues with the current Department. Australia has sent back 1,400 Sri Lankans home since 13th August, 2012.

Scott Morrison, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, said that those who come illegally by boat shall not be allowed to settle in the county. They will be sent to Nauru or Papua New Guinea, or sent home.
According to the immigration policies of Australia, the migrants who come illegally after 13th August 2012 are sent to Manus Island in Papua New Guinea or Nauru. The offshore detention facilities available there will process the things. However, it may take a few years to be practically implemented.

The Minister expressed that the government of Australia will fight against the smugglers and work to put an end to illegal boat arrivals. He also said that the government shall continue to return the people looking to come to Australia by means of boat illegally.
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