Australia Offers 10-Year Multi-Entry Visas to China Tourists

November 21, 2016
The Chinese Embassy in Australia, on Saturday officially announced that Australia issued  10-year multi-entry visas to Chinese  tourists. The 10-year visa, facilitates Chinese visitors to enjoy multiple entries to Australia during the period.

In fact, the visitors granted with the 10-year visa are allowed to stay in Australia only for a period of three months on a single visit and also prohibited to work in the host Country, Australia. 

Australia Offers 10-Year Multi-Entry Visas to China Tourists

According to the Migration Legislation and Amendment signed on November 10th, facilities and rules of this new visa are applicable for Chinese visitors traveling by air. All the Chinese citizens applying for the 10-year visa have to take medical examinations and pay visa fees of 5,060 Yuan (approximately $3.7 billion). 

People’s Daily China states that the 10-year visa program introduced last year is a reform and an initiative to achieve Australia’s business development goals and modernization. 

With more than one million Chinese visitors last year which accounted 25.5 billion  Yuan (approx. $3.7 billion) to the country’s economy, China is considered as the most valuable tourism market for Australia. 

Not only Australia, there are various countries which granted a 10-year visa for Chinese tourists, that include Canada, Singapore and the United States. 

According to Hindustan Times report, the changes to 457 visa system made by the country,  prohibits the skilled foreign workers in seeking a new job after the end of their official employment. 

In addition, ABC News reports that after ceasing employment, the span of permitted stay in Australia for a 457 visa holder will be reduced from 90 days to 60 days and the list of occupations available for skilled migrant visas will also be reduced. 

Australia’s immigration minister, Peter Dutton says, “although, the government appreciates the contribution of several skilled persons working in Australia on 457 visas but it is the responsibility of the government to give priority to Australian worker who is ready, able and willing to work”. 

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