Australia's international spending has reached $34.8 billion mark

December 03, 2015
The strategy of Tourism Australia for attracting more overseas travelers has reached a $34.8 billion record arrival this year till 30th September.

For Australia, the increase in spending of around 19% was the strongest tourism increase since the year 2011.

Australia’s international spending has reached $34.8 billion mark

Australia’s Foreign Education and Tourism Minister Richard Colbeck told that the authorities hard work for enhancing the capacity of the flights, smart foreign marketing and the reforms in the visa has paid off and raised the number of tourists to Australia making it to rise on the market of international tourism.

The tourists from China had an immense role in raising these numbers. The numbers increased by around 22% to around 8,96,000 over the previous year. A record number of spending were also recorded by the visitors from the countries like the US, New Zealand, Singapore, India and Malaysia.

A suggestion was given by the Tourism Australia’s Managing Director, John O’Sullivan, according to him the focus on the local wine and food to market the nation as the unique tourist destination was the great idea for attracting additional foreign tourists.

He also said that the oppression of the cost and the time that Australia would never be the soaring volume destination and that is the reason why Australia’s strategy of Tourism 2020 is flagrantly focused upon give up, motivating the foreign tourists to reside for additional time, spread further and ultimately do further and spend further while staying in Australia.

He further added that viewing at the current statistics Australia is clearly making a solid move, with the foreign spending for a year rising nearly two times as rapidly as Australia’s already strong foreign arrival numbers.

Foreign tourists spending rose in all territories and states of the country, except the Northern Territory and the Western Australia. The market of education was also the strong contributor to the inflow of tourism in Australia with a growth rate of 19% in number of tourists and growth rate of around 27% in terms of spending that had brought Australia around $8.2 billion.

According to Richard Colbeck, with around 6,00,000 foreign students presently registered onshore and rising, that adds up to the vital contribution.

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