Australian Government deciding to make english language compulsary

June 08, 2015
English language is made compulsory by the Australian government

English test may be made obligatory by the government of Australia to overhaul the country’s citizenship regulation. 20 questions were asked about the Australian values, beliefs, people and its system of law for the person who wants to become the citizens. People need a basic English knowledge and Australian knowledge of the law to pass the multiple choice questions

Sharman Stone who is the Liberal MP says that it is not rigorous enough and also Suggestion highlighted by her for the paper of the Government discussion which was released in the last week.

The paper requires new citizens to apply for an English exam by ensuring standardizing requirements of English language and citizen should have adequate ability of the language by which particular circumstances are taken into account like age. 

Stone revealed that from the ceremonies of citizenship in her Victorian constituency of Murray, she has seen the no. of new citizens cannot read, write or speak Basic English. So, she believes that if people cannot speak in English it is not a benefit to the individual nor to the Australia

Stone points out that, able to be participating in the society of Australia, jury duty, including voting or understanding the responsibilities of Australia is not much imperative than knowing the basic English language

By the Act 2007 the citizenship of Australia requires applicants to be eligible for citizenship in a certain circumstances to be successfully complete citizenship test. English language knowledge used to assess understanding of the application process, knowledge of Australia like its core values, privileges of citizenship and responsibilities.

One of the schedule of Australian citizenship act 2007 which include the pledge of commitment set out by all the people who are aged 16 or acquiring conferral citizenship.

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