Australian Government likely to consider recommendations of 457 visa program

September 24, 2014
Australia likely to give green signal for 457 visa program proposals

The Government of Australia is likely to consider the recommendations made to the 457 visa program. Notably, 22 recommendations are specified in the report labeled as ‘Robust New Foundations’.  

The immigration minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, noted that most of the proposals are to be considered. The report suggested minimizing extraneous red tape and strengthening the integrity of the 457 program. 

The major recommendations include strict scrutinizing of visa sponsors, strengthening of entitlements and requirements of individuals holding visas. The recommendations even include strengthening the wage levels besides enhancing the flexibility of the eligible professions.

The language (English) requirements should be made more convenient which includes setting up extra testing providers and agreed to consider  averaged test scores. Proposals also incorporate including documents in the 457 visa holder’s signed employment contract. These documents define the rights and benefits of 457 visa holders, which are authorized by the Australian immigration department and the Fair Work Ombudsman.

The panel also has broad agreement among stakeholders, which defines that, the FWO inspectors who oversee employers’ adherence to local laws, should keep on inspecting sponsors who employ 457 visa holders.
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