Australian Govt Failed in Making Proper Use of Skilled Immigrants

May 24, 2018
Australia opened its immigration system in 1988, but it looks like the government isn’t utilizing the skilled professionals to their maximum. According to a recent survey, 40 percent of skilled immigrants are over-educated to work, making it difficult to find employment. Overeducation rate is four times higher than the rate in local-born individuals. It is because of lack of coordination between employment policies and Australian immigration system. The policies focused only on supplying to the demand established by the labor government and have done very little in employee’s interests.

Australia Not Making Good Use of Skilled Immigrants

One of the reasons why they find it difficult to find work is because they don’t have relevant Australian experience. It isn’t that only skilled immigrants are underutilized because locals are going through the same. Overeducation is the highest among immigrants in Canada, which is almost 30 to 50 percent and is the least in the United States, which is only five percent. Overeducation among native-born individuals is the highest in New Zealand, which is almost 36 percent and least in the United States, which is zero. The common trait between skilled immigrants that Australia wants is young, English-speaking, university-educated.

According to Australian employers, the government only pays attention to population management. If employers and the government coordinates, they can reduce skill wastage. It would also help the government to identify causes of over education, which might include skills of poor quality, too many foreign-born skilled professionals, or lack of labor market demand.

Dutton wants to reduce immigration

Peter Dutton, home affairs minister of Australia, wants to cut down population because there are too many immigrants in the country. He even went on to increase the bank guarantee amount, so that immigrants can’t bring their parents to Australia. Immigration critics think that Dutton only wants white immigrants in the country and keep away colored people.

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