Australian Student Visa Application Process Gets Streamlined

December 25, 2015

Australian says that they want the finest and the sharpest to have a simpler application process to study in the country. Australia’s main goal by simplifying the application process is to push the countries higher education to the next level for economic growth and global competitiveness in higher education.

Australian Student Visa Application Process Gets Streamlined

Australian used to have a complicated application process for students. The new system no longer requires a certain amount of funds to study in the country. This change alone made the opposition of Australian being an expensive country to study in compared to other schools obsolete. The new students coming in will boost the education sectors economic stability.

The ALF will turn the levels of the assessment into just 3 levels, and the proof of financial backing, as long as they are backed from their parents, down to just 12 months. This means that they could apply with less financial backing in the bank. Making the visa application process more simplified will be a huge advantage to over 20 low-risk non-university providers that are geared towards Bachelor, Masters, or exchange programs.

The non-university sector supports several Australian jobs directly and when they cut all of the difficulty out of the process of studying in Australia and support that classification of education, the value benefits can be as high in the past at over $18 billion.

Currently, students that are enrolled in a university in Australia are allowed to work part-time or up to 40 hours every two weeks during full-time course study. There has to be a minimum of a 12-week stay involved for a student visa. Students must be over 16 years of age. Student visas are an easy way to move to Australia if you decide that you would like to set up permanent residence after school.

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