Australian visa authority changes its name

October 05, 2013

Australian Immigration authority changes its name

It was announced this week that the Australian immigration authority has officially changed its title. This is essential information for Indian citizens looking to attain an Australian visa for work, as a student, or temporary or permanent family visits. The Immigration department in Australia was first set up after the war in 1945. Since this time, because of cultural and economical changes the authority has altered its  name, function and overall responsibilities numerous times. This in itself has been a clear sign that the authority has been keeping up to date with global and local requirements over the past 70 years. 

Visa application forms will be affected

In order for Indian citizens to make a valid application for a visa to Australia they need to be aware of this change because not only is it a change of name but the essential visa forms will also be altered in line with the name change. Since 2007 the authority has been known by the acronym DIAC which stands for the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. It will now be known as the Department of Immigration and Border protection.

A need for security

In itself this new name may appear to be more defensive than welcoming to immigrants wishing to either start a new life in Australia. But this could not be further form the truth. In reality it is the authority changing again to keep in line with the needs of current social and global needs. You only have to visit DIAB's website to see this is a country which truly welcomes visitors and immigrants form across the world. But it is clearly stating that in today's climate there is also a distinct need to keep a cap on immigration as intercontinental travel is so prolific in the modern age. It is also a reflection of the heightened need for awareness of terrorist issues. 

So the slant now for the Australian immigration authority has changed its slant slightly but it still welcomes immigrants with open arms. It still remains a country of huge opportunities. It is clearly keeping in line with the need for security in the modern world and also keeping a track of total immigration to ensure a better experience both for Australian natives and potential immigrants and visitors. Visit the website (currently still under its old title of DIAC) for a wealth of information about Australian citizenship and applying for a visa to Australia.
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