Australians protest on removing skill test mandatory for Chinese 457 visa applications

July 28, 2015
On Monday trade minister Jackie trad promises to consider the concerns about the China free trade agreement with the Australian federal government.

The electrical trades union was concerned about the deal says it a ‘secretive deal’  that removes China from the list of nations that skill test are mandatory to acquire 457 skilled immigrant visa. About 2000 people started protesting how this would adhere to the national electrical safety standards.

Those clauses contained in the agreement are alarming, and it would undermine the safety regulations of our trade robbing the jobs from Australian workers. Said Mr Simpson.

Australians furious over removing mandatory skill test for Chinese

Mandatory skills test for workers from every country is to be undertaken as their skills are not up to the Australian standards. Workers should present the paperwork prior they obtain 457 skilled immigrant visa.

We are aware of health and safety concerns that were raised about the issue, Queen land government will look up on this issue and do what it could.

But Andrew Robb, dismissing the concerns said, under the agreement every 457 visa worker must demonstrate the requisite qualifications and skills to work in Australia.

The Chinese applicants will also be subjected to the exact same process that the applicants from other 150 countries take through.

The free trade agreement was criticized for what Australian industry lack of transparency over the deal.

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