Bangladeshi tourists travelling foreign locations is one million every year

July 07, 2014
The outbound travelers of Bangladesh are 1 million every year

Bangladeshi tourists visiting foreign countries are typically one million ever year, while the numbers of tourists coming in are within 50 thousand, according to a report from local tour operators.

President of the Tour Operators Association of Bangladesh (TOAB), Toufiq Uddin Ahmed, said that the number of outbound tourists travelling to Malaysia, Thailand, and India was over 700,000 and the rest of 300 thousand had been to Middle East, Western and European countries.

The number of Bangladeshis visiting India each year on tourist visas was over 500 thousand, he added Malaysian High Commission in Bangladesh issued 135 thousand tourist visas previous year and Thai embassy issued 85 thousand tourist visas.

Nepal requires no visa for its entry due to which the number of Bangladeshi tourists visiting Nepal has been increasing. The total number of inbound travelers account for 594 thousand in 2012 and 540 thousand in 2013, according to director of the TOAB, Toufiq Rahman

The official figure states that the total arrivals into Bangladesh shows over 550 thousand majorly accounted by those coming from Pakistan, India and other neighboring countries for visiting families, business and jobs. 

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