Barack Obama requests House Republicans to support immigration reform

April 17, 2014
Barack Obama requests House Republicans to support immigration reform
The US president, Barack Obama, has called upon the House Republicans to support the bipartisan immigration reform.

This measure was approved by the Senate in June 2013 and so he has called upon the Republicans from the House of Representatives to respond to the desire of the American people and requested them to support the act and vote it.

He also stated that the agreement was a well thought out measure, approved by the senate and will help in increasing the US economy by $1.4 trillion. It will also minimize the deficit by almost $850 billion in the next twenty years.

Meanwhile, this will provide a good way to earn citizenship by increasing the number to 11 million undocumented individuals out of the shadows even if the process is very tough.

He also said that the House Republicans have failed frequently to allow the bill to be passed. The president also said that the reform will enhance the economy of the country and the security system will be strengthened.

Obama stated that he is expecting support from the business, labor, democrats and Republicans and law enforcement leaders.

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