Basic rights of Irish working on short-stay visas

February 08, 2014
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For Irish people working in Australia a new guide has been published to inform on working in Australia on short-term visas on their rights.

With the support of the Claddagh union in Perth and trade unions in Australia and Ireland, Sinn Féin Pearse, said the document summarizes the entitlements and rights for those on employer sponsored visas (subclass 457) or holiday visas, with general ideas on employment contracts, fair pay, national employment standards, tax liabilities, and pensions.

David Gibney, Chairperson of Authorization Youth, who lived two years in Melbourne, said Irish workers are in an insecure situation.

In Australia, Irish workers on a 457 visa are frequently exploited due to the truth that their visa is linked to their company and on abandoning the contract, they have to either find alternative sponsorship in a limited number of  weeks or have to leave the country.

With the present economic scenario in Ireland, as well as an extremely high unemployment rate, many young Irish workers are afraid to claim their rights at workplace and are frightened of losing their financial support and need to go back home.

These guidelines let Irish workers know about some of the basic rights they have in Australia and is advising them to join their appropriate trade-union after arrival so that they can make use of professional representation at the time of crisis.

Australian workers have some of the best terms and conditions of employment anywhere in the world for the reason of  the strength of their trade union movement and Irish workers must give their support to the movement.
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