BI-Davao extends visitor visa to six months to boost Mindanao Tourism

May 21, 2014
   Mindanao tourism to boost through visitor visa extension.

BI-Davao or The Bureau of Immigration Office-Davao District has proclaimed that foreign citizens in Mindanao, Philippines, are allowed to expand their visitor visa from two months to a six-month period.

 Thus, BI-Davao has become the first sub-port in Mindanao to receive an authorization to implement LSVVE or Long-Stay Visitor's Visa Extension or RADJR-2013-007 Memorandum Order. Another sub-port outside Manila, referred to as The Bureau of Immigration in Cebu City, is also offering the service.

 Lisette Marques, the officer in charge at Davao City Tourism Operations Office, said that now foreigners can plan to stay for the longer period in the city and they can achieve more knowledge on the culture.

 The officer in charge of Davao City Investment Promotion Center, Ivan Cortez, addressed in an email that this extension would benefit the overseas tourists interested in staying for more than two-month period. He also added that, it is not beneficial to foreign investors as they already have different incentives and policies on investor visa.

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