Australian Billionaire criticizes government's visa restrictions on Chinese visitors

April 04, 2014

Australian Billionaire criticizes government's visa restrictions on Chinese visitors
A very wealthy casinos owner and businessman of Australia has said that it would be highly desirable to let more Chinese tourists into Australia. James Packer was speaking in an exclusive interview with Herald Sun, a daily newspaper published in Australia. James Packer is a billionaire casino and resorts owner of that country. 

In the interview, he asks as to why there are so many restrictions and barricades put out by the Australian government which effectively curb (or, prevent) the Chinese visitors and tourists from entering Australia. He has pointed out that while the US citizens have it so easy in entering the country, the Chinese have to face many hurdles in the form of visa restrictions and red tape in entering Australia. This, he states, is hypocritical. In the interview, he points out that we do not live in the ‘cold war’ kind of era to justify so many restrictions and obstacles in the processing of visas of Chinese.  He also says that even though some of the processing rules of the visas for nationals such as the Chinese have improved, a lot more still needs to be done on this front.
In particular, he has pointed out that visa applications are still not available in Mandarin and also that, at present, Chinese cannot still file visas online, which is a great hindrance in the overall visa processing system. Mr. Packer said that he believes that the increased wealth and purchasing power of the Chinese middle class is highly important to the Australian economy.  

James Packer, aged 46 years, is listed in the Forbes 500 list of billionaires (and is ranked 211 there) and he consolidated his business empire, primarily comprising resorts and casinos, from the wealth that he inherited from his father (which was mostly based on gaming and media properties and revenue), Kerry Packer, who passed away in 2005.

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